Veritas Standard Block Plane PM-V11 (05P22.81)

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These block planes stand apart from the rest. The tall side wings are ideal for shooting, and finger grips in the sides improve control. The combined blade advance and lateral adjust is the most sensitive, accurate adjustment mechanism available. Two guide screws prevent blade shifting. The ductile cast iron body can take hard knocks, and the adjustable nosepiece does not extend past the body, so it cannot be driven into the blade if you drop the plane. Both planes are machined to exacting standards, with milled sides and soles that are surface ground to a fine finish.

For general-purpose work, the standard model is 1/8″ taller than its low-angle sibling and has a 20┬░ bed angle and a low-profile lever cap that fits the hand well. The low-angle plane is a delight to use. With its 12┬░ bed angle, it excels at end-grain work. Each includes a chatterfree 25┬░ blade in PM-V11┬« tool steel. For working difficult wood, lapped 38┬░ and 50┬░ bevel blades are available. Our A2 toothed blade (38┬░ bevel) works the most difficult grain, especially knots. The small, square teeth leave a textured surface that can be smoothed with a scraper or finely set plane.

Made in Canada.

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