Veritas Miniature Cabinet Scraper (05P84.10)

R 649.00

Made of investment-cast steel with a stainless-steel camber screw. Supplied in a French-fitted embossed leatherette box, it’s a great gift for any woodworker.


This cabinet scraper is the latest addition to our line of fully functional miniature tools.

At about 1/3 the scale of the full-size tool, it measures 3-13/16″ wide overall and weighs about 1-1/2 oz. Its small size allows fine control when smoothing surfaces.

The 15/16″ wide blade, made of spring steel and ground at a 45° angle, is held at a consistent depth and angle.

A thumbscrew lets you camber the blade to prevent blade corners from leaving ridges in the work. The handle position lets you apply force directly in line with the cutting edge.

Made in Canada.

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