TSO Dual FoamPac Systainer Insert for GRS-16 Family

R 319.00

The Ultimate Storage and Protection for Your Guide Rail Squares


Dual FoamPac Systainer Insert for New GRS-16 & GRS-16 PE

Designed specifically for our newer GRS-16 and GRS-16 PE guide rail squares, our Dual FoamPac Insert enables storage of both guide rail squares in a single SYS1 T-LOC Systainer! A bonded foam assembly that is computer designed and cut by CNC WaterJet, these inserts are guaranteed to fit your guide rail squares like a glove. The result is uncompromising protection for your precision tools.

Note these insert only fit into T-LOC Systainers, not the older Classic Systainers.

Note these inserts are only compatible with the new style of GRS-16 and GRS-16 PE, ordered after October 13, 2017.


Weight 1.54 lbs



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