Shinwa 3D Mitre Square 45/90 Aluminium

R 389.00

Quickly and Accurately Transfers 45 and 90 Degree Line


The Shinwa 3D aluminium mitre square quickly and accurately transfers 45 and 90-degree lines around a corner for crosscuts and mitres.

Cutouts afford better visibility and facilitate the marking of opposite angles and parallel to edge marks with full mm scales originating from the apex on the square side and the short side, 15mm rule on the long edge.

Made from anodised extruded aluminium, this tool is highly functional and accurate, but not quite as robust as the stainless steel versions.

Accurate to better than 0.2mm / 100mm

Dimensions: 196mm x 63mm x 73mm


Accuracy 0.2mm / 100mm
Material Aluminium
Size 196mm x 63mm x 73mm



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