Pfeil Chisel Tool Set of 12 in Wooden Stand (Randburg Only)

R 5,268.00

  • Swiss made
  • Square tang handle
  • Octagonal hardwood handle
  • Alloy chrome-vanadium steel
  • Hand-sharpened
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These intermediate size, professional style tools are 50mm shorter than our regular Swiss tools for easier control and greater responsiveness. The precise tempered high-grade steel tools are sharpened, honed and buffed for immediate use with an edge that will stay sharp for many enjoyable hours of woodcarving. These delicately balanced tools work well for getting into confined areas. The overall length is 200mm with 85mm blades and 115mm octagonal hardwood handles. The tool set includes: 8mm chisel, 8mm skew, 3mm and 8mm No. 5 gouges, 7mm No. 8 gouge, 5mm and 10mm No. 9 gouges, 1mm and 3mm veiners, 7mm No. 8 spoon gouge, and 2mm and 8mm No. 12 V-parting tools. Pfeil carving tools and sets are Swiss made. Swiss made implies reliability and precision. Pfeil is undoubtedly the finest carving tool on the market, second-to-none in terms of manufacturing quality and durability.

The tool set includes:

  • 8mm chisel (D 1/8)
  • 8mm skew (D 1s/8)
  • 3mm No. 5 gouge (D 5/3)
  • 8mm No. 5 gouge (D 5/8)
  • 7mm No. 8 gouge (D 8/7)
  • 5mm No. 9 gouge (D 9/5)
  • 10mm No. 9 gouge (D 9/10)
  • 1mm veiner (D 11/1)
  • 3mm veiner (D 11/3)
  • 7mm No. 8 spoon gouge (D 8a/7)
  • 2mm No. 12 V-parting tool (D 12/2)
  • 8mm No. 12 V-parting tool (D 12/8)

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