Pfeil Straight Tool – Deep Gouge #9 – 18mm

R 576.00

  • Electronically hardened alloy chrome-vanadium steel blade
  • European hardwood octagonal square tang handle
  • 18mm #9 sweep deep gouge
  • Swiss made
  • Finely ground and polished
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Gouges are used for shaping recesses and raised surfaces, for instance folds such as drapery. Our broad range of sweeps and widths opens unlimited possibilities in sculpture carving. The narrowest No. 11 sweeps are ideal for carving fine details like hair.

Gouges are forged in various sweeps to remove greater or lesser amounts of wood. For example, roughing out the background for a large relief panel would require a tool such as a 9 sweep. The ridges and hollows formed by this tool would then be levelled with a 2 or 3 sweep gouge. Pfeil carving tools and sets are Swiss made. Swiss made implies reliability and precision. Pfeil is undoubtedly the finest carving tool on the market, second-to-none in terms of manufacturing quality and durability.

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