Milescraft 3403 – Grabber

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Multi-Purpose Push Block for Ripping or Routing

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The Milescraft Grabber is ideal for use on router tables, table saw, jointers and even band saws. Safety is very important and you always want to keep your hands as far away from the cutting tool as possible.

Ergonomic, Comfort Grip Handle

  • Provides superior control and maximum grip, while keeping your hands angled away from the cutting tool

Diamond Grip Rubber Bottom

  • Non-marring, TPR material that provides maximum strength to safely hold your work piece in place

Durable Body

  • Provides maximum durability to safely control your work piece in all applications
  • High visibility yellow makes it easy to find in busy shops


Material ABS and TPR
Length 8’’
Height 3.25’’
Weight 0.45 lbs



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