Milescraft 2312 – 5mm Shelfpin Bit

R 209.00

Self-Centering Custom Spring-Loaded Brad Point Drill Bit


The Milescraft shelfpin Bit Is a Self-Centering Custom Spring-Loaded Brad Point Drill Bit
These self-centering bits are pre-set to bore a consistent depth for perfect fitting shelf pins every time. No adjustments are necessary!

• Self-centering boring bits in 5mm diameter
• Drill perfectly centered holes for shelf pins
• Spring-loaded HSS brad point drill bit
*For use with the Milescraft cabinetmate
*Please note that before you use the shelfpin Bit, you will want to fully tighten the set screw. Also, be sure that when loosening the set screw on the shelfpin Bit, you do not loosen it too much, as the pressure from the spring will make the bit come apart.


Size 5mm
Includes 1/8″ Allen Wrench
Bit Material High-Speed Steel
Weight 0.15




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