Milescraft 1318 – AccuDrillMate

R 659.00

A Portable Drill Stand That Can Be Used Almost Anywhere.


With the Milescraft DrillMate portable drill stand, you can drill straight holes, angled holes, on the edge of a board or even round stock. Everyone knows that the success of many DIY projects depends on drilling straight and accurate holes. Now you can add a whole new level of accuracy with this drill guide jig when drilling holes with your standard hand drill.

DrillMate Metal Head

  • Ball bearings for spindle support

Innovative Metal Base with Angle Readout

  • Self-centering drill guide base
  • Angle readout for setting drilling angles to 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90°
  • V-groove for drilling on round stock
  • Non-slip TPE feet prevent slipping and marring on the work surface
  • Mounting holes for mounting with screws when needed

Metal Angle Adjusters

  • Allows you to easily lock your selected drilling angle into place

Adjustable Stop Collar

  • For repetitive drilling

3/8” Keyed Chuck

  • Compatible with most 3/8” drill accessories

Auxiliary Handle

  • Can be mounted in a fixed position on the base for maximum support no matter what drilling motion you are doing



Material Metal and plastic
Chuck 3/8″ Keyed
Drill Bit Clearance Always: Maximum 8.88″
Drill Head Clearance with Spring and Depth Stop Max Travel: 6.23″
Minimum Drill Bit Length: 2.65″
Drill Head Clearance without Spring and Depth Stop Max Travel: 8.15″
Minimum Drill Bit Clearance: 0.73″
Compatible with 3/8” and 1/2” power drills
Weight 4.13 lbs




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