Leigh 162-180C Solid Carbide Boxed Bit Set

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Spiral Upcut Bits are Used with FMT Jigs

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They rout cleaner, faster and leave a smoother finish than straight bits. Both Solid Carbide and the less expensive High Speed Steel bits can be used on FMT jigs to produce excellent results, however Solid Carbide bits are stiffer and hold their

edge longer.
Leigh two flute spiral upcut bits are
made in America.

Shank Size

All bits with a cutting diameter greater than 1/4″(6.35mm) are made with 1/2″(12.7mm) shanks. The extra stiffness reduces vibration and
chatter. The 1/4″(6.35mm) louver bit also
a 1/2″(12.7mm) shank because of the
added forces with cross grain routing. Bits
with a
cutting diameter of 1/4″(6.35mm) or less have 1/4″(6.35mm) shanks.


8-piece Mortise & Tenon Jig Bit set includes: bits 162 (1/16″), 164C (1/8″), 166C (3/16″), 168C (1/4″), 170-500C (5/16″), 173-500C (3/8″), 177C (7/16″) and 180CL (1/2″).

Note: No.162 is HSS. Solid carbide bits are stiffer, rout cleaner and last longer than HSS bits.



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