Kreg DB210 Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine

Professional-Grade Pocket-Hole Machine at a Consumer-Friendly Price

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Professional-Grade Pocket-Hole Machine at a Consumer-Friendly Price

  • One pull of the handle starts the motor, clamps your workpiece, and drills perfect pocket holes
  • Powerful 110-volt motor
  • Comes with 3/8″ hex-shank drill bit (QUIK-BIT)
  • Works with materials from 1/2″ to 11/2″ thick (12-38mm)
  • Adjustable fence to position workpiece for precise pocket depth
  • Two spring-loaded stops for repeatable accuracy
  • Clear markings in the table that make it easy to position the fence
  • Compatible with the Micro-Pocket™ Bit and Heavy-Duty Bit
  • Built-in storage tray and dust collection attachment


  • Kreg foreman pocket-hole machine
  • Adjustable fence with spring-loaded stops
  • Dust-collection attachment
  • Kreg stepped drill bit and drill guide
  • Drill bit setting block
  • Owner’s manual


Motor 240-volt
Drill Bits Comes with standard Kreg 3/8” (9mm) stepped drill bit
Also accepts Kreg Micro-Pocket™ and HD drill bits
Material Polyurethane base; cast-aluminium tabletop
Clamping Capacity Material from 1/2” to 11/2” thick (13-38mm)
Weight 20 lbs.
Dimensions Entire Unit: 15″H x 19″L x 29.5″D  (380mm x 482mm x 750mm)
Tabletop: 14″ x 231/2”  (355mm x 597mm)
Warranty 1 year




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