Bridge City TS-1v2 Try Square – 125mm – Contact Us for Pre-Order

1:8 Cutout for Marking Dovetails


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The TS-1v2 Try Square is a small square that will fit in your apron pocket with a 125mm long blade. Its size makes it perfect for small jobs.

The stainless steel blade is glass bead-blasted and free of graduations for a reason: Bridge City claims this is to enable you to write on it with a pencil. This may be a practical solution for repeat marking if you can bring yourself to try it.

The blade also features a 1:8 cutout for dovetail layout. The stock is anodised aluminium with a “Sure Grip” cut out. The stock is a contrasting silver and black with a distinctive anodised orange trim. The accuracy of the square is plus or minus 0.05mm over the length of the blade, on both inside and outside edges. If at any time the square meets with an accidental fall, the blade can be adjusted to return it to its precise original setting.

In Summary:

  • Quality that encourages frequent use
  • Bead-blasted, hardened, stainless steel blade
  • Aluminium “Sure Grip” stock
  • 1:8 cutout for marking dovetails
  • Factory calibrated to 0.05mm or less
  • Accurate on both inside and outside edges
  • Handy “apron pocket” size try square


Blade Length 125 mm



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