Bora Adjustable Conveyor Roller

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Adjustable Conveyor Roller

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Get unprecedented workshop mobility with the multipurpose PM-2700 Adjustable Conveyor Roller. This tool not only makes it easy to move heavy pieces of wood around the shop, but also functions as a portable outfeed table. It’s adaptable to any use — raise or lower the height expand or shorten the length, and even bend it into a curve. You’ll find that this is easily one of the most versatile accessories in your shop.

The PM-2700 Adjustable Conveyor Roller is a versatile piece of equipment you’ll want in your shop. This double-duty accessory can be used as a portable outfeed table and even a dolly to help you move large or heavy materials across the shop.

  • Length expands from 14.75 inches to 50 inches (37 cm to 127 cm)
  • Height adjusts from 23 to 36 inches (58 cm to 91 cm)
  • Shape adjusts to meet your needs
  • Weight capacity up to 300 lbs. (136 kg)
  • Built-in hooks allow you to attach 2 or more PM-2700 rollers together
  • Locking casters roll smoothly to the desired location and lock solid for stability


Height adjusts 58 cm to 91 cm
Length expands 37 cm to 127 cm
Weight capacity 136 kg



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