8 Pallet DIYs

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Not sure what to do with a pallet?

If you love pallet projects, you are at right place. You might have made some useful home projects with old wood pallets but you will still be surprised when you see these awesome creations below.

Pallet DIY’s are fast becoming everybody’s favourite way to decorate on the cheap. It’s no secret that home decor can cost some pennies. Pallets are affordable, you can use them to redecorate without spending a thing! They’re also the perfect way to personalise your home.

Pull up a pallet or four and get ready to explore the many ways you can transform your space.

Hardware Centre wants to help you get inspired with a lot of various, new and fun DIY pallet ideas. The same as the most of pallet projects, they are incredible but still easily to make. You don’t need any step-by-step tutorial on how to finish them, it’s easy to get what needs to be done just by looking at the images. Take a look and start to work!

1.  Blanket Ladder

When the weather starts to change and you need some cosy blankets for warmth, you may be looking for a new way to store them when they aren’t in use. One of the more popular DIYs on Pinterest is the pallet board blanket ladder. The ladder makes it easy to see your blanket choices, as well as adding some farmhouse charm to your space without spending hardly anything.

2. Outdoor Couch

Patio furniture can quickly break the bank if you aren’t careful. To save on a furniture set for your backyard, use pallet wood as your building material. For this project, you don’t even need to separate the pallets—you can drill full-sized pallets together. For the base, stack two pallets of the same size together. Put arms and a back on your couch by turning pallets up on their side. The result will be a sturdy couch frame that you can add some cushions and pillows to.

3. Swing Daybed

Connect two pallets, add some rope and an old mattress and you have yourself an adorable swinging daybed. Big enough to hold more than two, this will be the perfect place to gather in your yard or on your porch. You can have a picnic or take a nap on this spacious swing.

4. Cornhole Boards

Lawn games are fast becoming popular in South Africa especially in the warmer months. Try making this Cornhole Toss board. Add a rustic look to your game by making your next set of cornhole boards from pallet wood. You just must ensure that the planks you choose are the same thickness and sanded down nicely so the beanbags don’t snag.

5. Dog Bed

While you’re making pallet projects, try this one for your furry friends. Using a pallet keeps things cost-friendly and the boards will already be the right size for your pet. All you need for this DIY are a couple pallets, some hardware, and bedding.

6. Barn Door Baby Gate

If the look and function of a traditional baby gate doesn’t appeal to you, you can make one from pallet boards. This gate is designed to look like a barn door, complete with an “x” shape in the middle and sleek black hardware. It will be easy to open as well because this design allows you to open and close the gate like a small door. In addition to keeping small children safe, this gate can also be used to keep pets blocked off from restricted areas.

7. Picket Fence

Everyone’s dream includes a little picket fence. Well, now anyone can have one because there’s a pallet hack for that. While in South Africa we may need more than this to surround our property, we can use this fence to separate the backyard from the front , keeping pets at bay or around a veggie garden.

8.  Accent Wall

Transform the look of your space with an accent wall made of pallet wood. By staining or painting the wood assorted colours and piecing them together on a wall, you can quickly make a space look cosier. The warmth of the natural wood will make your room more inviting and can hide whatever hideous wallpaper you may want to cover.

Did you enjoy these Pallet DIY’s?

Let us know and please share your pallet transformation we would love to feature your creations!


*All Images from Pinterest

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